Armored Core 6 Multiplayer Info Revealed by Game Box

Armored Core 6 Multiplayer Info Revealed by Game Box

Photos of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon‘s Japanese game box are making rounds on Reddit, revealing multiplayer information. The game will apparently support 2-6 players in player-vs-player multiplayer, and accommodate up to three spectators.

Don’t expect co-op multiplayer in Armored Core 6

Photos of Armored Core 6’s box, shared by Redditor EntertainmentMission, appear legit. However, take the information above with a customary grain of salt until it’s all made official. That said, FromSoftware has officially shut down suggestions of co-op multiplayer in the past, and has confirmed a Versus mode.

“The main focus in Armored Core 6 – on the story mode at least – is having that story develop and play out,” FromSoftware told IGN last December. “We’ve concentrated on single-player for the story mode.” The developer added that it has mainly focused on competitive multiplayer so players can showcase their skills and have fun.

When it comes to story mode, FromSoftware says that its vision only makes room for an “intense” solo experience. Players also shouldn’t expect Souls-like gameplay.

Armored Core 6 is due out on August 25 for the PS5 and PS4 among other platforms. With its release date drawing closer, we expect to hear multiplayer details quite soon.