Armored Core 6 Price

Armored Core 6 Price for PS5, PS4 Pre-Orders Revealed by Retailers

Various retailers have revealed the Armored Core 6 price for multiple platforms including PS5 and PS4. Like Elden Ring before it, FromSoftware’s upcoming mech game will only be $59.99, as opposed to the now usual $69.99 price tag for premium games from numerous publishers including Sony, Microsoft, and Ubisoft. Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon is available for pre-order on several storefronts.

Where to pre-order Armored Core 6

Here’s a short list of outlets where you can pre-order Armored Core 6 for PS5 or PS4:

The official description in GameStop’s entry for the game confirms that players, in the role of an independent mercenaries, will be able to assemble and pilot their mechs on the planet of Rubicon 3.

Fifty years ago, the planet was contaminated by a strange substance that was meant to advance humanity’s technological capabilities, but it instead engulfed the world in a catastrophe, creating a Burning Star System in the process. Now, the substance has appeared on the planet once more, with extra-terrestrial corporations and resistance groups vying for control of this precious resource.

Armored Core 6 still has a vague 2023 release window, though FromSoftware is reportedly shooting for a September or October date. Only when Armored Core 6 has been finished will the developer then release the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.