Darksiders Novel to Launch in Time for Game Sequel

January 31, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

In an effort to build up hype for their upcoming game Darksiders II, THQ and Random House have announced that a new and original novel set in the game’s universe will be available sometime before the launch of the sequel.

The novel, titled “Darksiders: The Abomination Vault” is being written by Ari Marmell and features a completely new story that will serve to expand the universe that Darksiders fans have come to know and love. The book will be a prequel of sorts, chronicling the events that take place a millennia before the first game.

In addition, an IP bible is in the works and will be developed by Random House. It looks like THQ is really taking this franchise seriously, as they continue to pour resources into expanding and fleshing out the Darksiders universe.

Darksiders II is set to arrive sometime this summer, so readers can expect to get their hands on the novel sometime before then. For more information on THQ’s action-adventure franchise, keep it here at PlayStation LifeStyle.