Killzone for PS3 Delayed Indefinitely, Guerrilla Dodges Killzone 4 Question

With the advent of PS2 Classics on the PlayStation Store, the possibility of more greats from the generation past quickly became a reality. So it was for the original Killzone, which launched on the PS2 in 2004. The announcement fans were waiting for came: Killzone would be made available as a PS2 Classic. However, no further details were given, and the announcement has since faded into black.

Until today, that is, when the official KillzoneDotCom Twitter account revealed that Killzone on the PS3 had been “delayed indefinitely”. No reason was given for the delay, but one could speculate that it could be re-positioned as an HD remake of sorts – but being just one game from the PS2, the scenario is unlikely. Bad news, indeed.

But, not all is lost. When asked about a Killzone 4, the man (or woman) behind the KillzoneDotCom Twitter curtain replied jovially: No comment! 😛

It’s a stretch, but the smiley emoticon usually signals a tease of sorts. Could yet another Killzone game be in development at Guerrilla Games, on top of the new IP they’re working on? A report from EDGE magazine from back in November believes that is the case. We’ll find out if and when Guerrilla and Sony get closer to deployment.