DLC For Super Stardust Delta Revealed Via Trophy Section?

New images from Super Stardust Delta‘s Trophy section seem to hint that the PlayStation Vita title will be receiving DLC at some point.

Sony added some PlayStation Vita titles to the North American PlayStation Store for purchase ahead of the handheld’s release (2/15 for gamers who pre-ordered the First Edition bundle, 2/22 for everyone else). One of the games added to the PlayStation Store for Vita is Super Stardust Delta.

IGN reports that gamers who already own Vitas could download the game, go to SSD‘s Trophy section, and then see a listing for the “Advanced Star Fighter Pack” DLC. The Advanced Star Fighter Pack is marked as DLC via a plus sign next to the listing. The report goes on to say that the Trophies say that the DLC will add new modes called Endless, Bomber, Impact, and Twin-Gun. The DLC is not yet available for download or purchase on the PlayStation Store.

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