Ted Price: Console-Exclusive Games “Possibly” a Thing of the Past

Insomniac may have officially moved on from the Resistance series, but that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down as a development team; quite the contrary in fact. With their new multi-platform title Overstrike on the not too distant horizon, big things are in store for Ted Price and his team.

Speaking to VG247, the Insomniac CEO discussed the team’s decision to move away from Sony-exclusive titles.

A lot of us at Insomniac believe we need to reach a broader audience. Games of the future expect their experiences to be accessible anywhere. Being on multiple platforms is a step in that direction.

With regard to whether or not console-exclusive games will soon be a thing of the past, Price went on to add:

It’s certainly possible. I mean, I can’t speak for first-party publishers. I believe that there are just more opportunities to get your IP out in front of a greater audience if you are on more platforms. So whether or not first-party exclusives continue is really up to those first-party publishers and whether or not they can find companies who are willing to restrict themselves to one platform.

However, if you look at the first-party publishers, it’s no longer about one platform. Sony has multiple platforms: PSP, Vita, PS3. And Microsoft has Xbox 360, Windows, and Windows Phone. So it used to be that, if you were working with a first-party, you really were on one console. Period. But that’s no longer the case either.

With Sony’s first-party line-up of exclusive titles being one of the PS3’s main strengths, would the PlayStation platform find itself in a sticky situation if console-exclusive titles began to fade? Let us know what you think in the comments below.