DualShock & Awe #1 – PlayStation Vita Impressions, Plus Win $20 on PSN!

Cross Game Chat is dead. Long live the DualShock & Awe podcast! To celebrate the new podcast, we are giving away a $20 PSN card!

All you have to do is call 331-222-7757 and leave a voicemail where you sing to us! A new podcast also deserves an awesome feature that is capable of transfaring, so in this premier of a podcast, Josh, Cameron, Eric, and PMC give their hands on impressions of the Vita. It turns out the Vita really is as awesome as everyone thought it would be, and there are some definite must have games that the guys really enjoy. The device itself makes the PSP look like an ugly stepchild…..from uglyville. With that being said, the device isn’t perfect and there is some room for improvement (although not much). Listen in to find out what Sony’s next step with the handheld should be.

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