The Great Big Giveaway Reminder [Update: Winners!]

If you don’t visit PlayStation LifeStyle every day (what’s wrong with you?), you might have missed the bunch of incredible giveaways we’re running that end very soon. You might have also missed some cats.

But don’t worry, there’s still time to enter the giveaways and win the valuable goodies, so here’s what you have to do:

To win the Resistance 3 OST, retweet the following, and make sure to follow @PSLifeStyle:

RT & follow @PSLifeStyle to win the Resistance 3 soundtrack! #ILovePSLS

Be sure to do it before 1:30PM EST!

To win one of 20 codes for Tales From Space: About a Blob, all you have to do is retweet the following on Twitter or G+, and follow @PSLifeStyle and @DrinkBoxStudios:

RT & follow @PSLifeStyle and @DrinkBoxStudios to win Tales From Space: About a Blob for PSN!

You can also enter by leaving a comment here, but be sure to do so before 5pm EST.

To win a whole bunch of lovely Disgaea goodies and swag, retweet the following on Twitter or G+ and follow @PSLifeStyle and @NISAmerica:

RT & follow @PSLifeStyle and @NISAmerica to win tons of awesome Disgaea goodies! #PrinnyRocks

You an also enter by leaving a comment here dood, as long as it is before 7pm EST.

To win $20 on PSN, simply sing in to the new PSLS podcast by calling 331-222-7757 – details here.

But if four competitions totaling in several hundred dollars wasn’t enough, we thought we’d give you something that everyone could enjoy – how about some PSLS exclusive cat, meme and blob wallpapers?

Stay tuned to PSLS for more giveaways like these, and you could be like this happy chappy who won a whole PS Vita + Uncharted bundle from us only the other day!


And the R3 winner is – @RIPKILLER1

The About a Blob winners are –

@bjohnsonRD2, @DemariusHughes, @qwikciphers, @Silverwootz, @FSNsaber, @Kraider93, @ArturoOlivo, @aznxchunky, @lastofus, @Mysticfail,


TheDawnPiper, Will, Psmgamer, Sith Spectre, Tyler, ZombieHell, wolverine81, Jeremiah, kyuubi_clone, David

The Disgaea the winners are @DarkAngelRafae and TKrames, with the runner-up prize going to @matty_125.

Stick to PSLS for more soon!