WipEout Developer Talks PS Vita, 2048 Aims to “Really Push the Hardware”

If you’re looking for a graphical showpiece when you pick up your PlayStation Vita, WipEout 2048 developer Studio Liverpool recommends you give their game a look, as they believe this is one launch title that really takes advantage of the Vita’s technology.

Speaking to VG247, co-director Stuart Tilley of Studio Liverpool expressed his excitement at their latest installment in the WipEout franchise, making note of the many ways in which it really pushes the system’s hardware to its limits.

We only had a small team looking at it. We were trying some experimental things out with the touch-screens, what worked, what didn’t work. As the hardware evolved, that’s when we started getting into the meat of the game’s development.

We did 20 or 30 different things using the cameras. We did some augmented reality checks. We did stuff like seeing through windows of buildings and loads of different things like that. We did quite a lot with the tilt sensor stuff, trying to control ships to see how that’d might work. We did lots of stuff with graphical tests as well, seeing how far we could really push the hardware.

Hopefully, when people see WiEout, they’ll see we did a pretty good job on that.

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