The PS Vita Has Been Replaced by the Switch for Niche Japanese Games, According to PQube’s Head of Marketing

In a recent conversation with Twinfinite, PQube Games Head of Marketing Geraint Evans said the PlayStation Vita has been replaced by the Nintendo Switch as a place for niche Japanese games. PS Vita production is coming to an end, and the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid handheld-console on the rise. When asked about this directly, Evans explained that this switch (no pun intended) has basically already happened.

Here is exactly what Evans had to say:

I think it’s already on its way to do that for sure. The hardware itself is fantastic and sales on the platform are really good. As a publisher that’s kind of a relief, because we were seeing Vita going down and we were wondering what would things be like in the future. When we first saw the Switch we were like “okay, the hardware is really cool, but we don’t really know how the ecosystem is going to work,” and then we realized “wow, it is selling well!” The first things that we published on the Switch did really great.

Of course, there are still plenty of supporters of the PS Vita, but Evans believes that things are shifting to Switch, even more so than PC.

I’m really confident that that audience is going to move to Switch. I think the PC market is starting to become more challenging. It’s not necessarily a Japanese game issue, but more of an issue about the volume of content. There’s just so much stuff on there, and I’m kind of concerned that lots of people won’t be able to weather that storm.

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