Everybody’s Tennis Removed From Vita PSN Store After Security Concerns

PSP game Everybody’s Tennis has been pulled from the Vita PlayStation Store after concerns that it exposed vulnerabilities in the Vita’s security defenses.

Only a week after the Vita’s launch, MotorStorm Arctic Edge was taken off the store after it was revealed that the Vita Homebrew Loader used it to run, but now news of another potentially risky game has caused Sony to remove a second title from the store. Wololo.net announced that Everybody’s Tennis was vulnerable and told Sony in an open letter that the game “could allow people to run software that would be extremely dangerous for your business, such as 20 year-old 8 bit games and 154 different versions of pong.”

The game has now been removed from the store, and won’t show on your download list if you have purchased it. Sadly, Sony haven’t announced a refund for innocent gamers who have bought the game. If you do have Everybody’s Tennis on your Vita, the best thing to do is to backup the game on your PS3 or PC.