Irrational Details Siren, Final BioShock Infinite Heavy Hitter

The final video in Irrational Games’ Heavy Hitter series details Siren, the last of BioShock Infinite’s haunting foes.

Siren will prove to be quite the formidable opponent, as her tactics are far unlike any of the other enemies in the game. This adversary is in touch with the spiritual world and can raise enemies you’ve already killed back from the dead.

This proves particularly tricky when you are trying to take on a group of enemies including Siren. Do I go straight for Siren and risk being wiped out by the rest of the guys? Do I knock off some of the easier enemies and then focus trying to eliminate Siren before she can raise the dead foes? It’s clear that this new enemy type will add a nice tactical wrinkle in the overall experience.

Get your first glimpse in the video below:

Let us know who your favorite Heavy Hitter is in the comments below. Between the Motorized Patriot, Boys of Silence, Handyman and Siren, it’s going to be tough to choose!

BioShock Infinite is set for release on October 16th.