PS3 Photo & Video Editing Application, PlayMemories Studio, Coming Out Today [Update: Will Support Home Machinima]


Cade Peterson, PS Home Community Specialist has also revealed to PSLS that the app will support PlayStation Home machinima. Using green screens, different costumes and avatars, the Home machinima scene is already quite large, but PlayMemories will cut out the need for a PC to edit the footage, meaning that users can create and edit the machinima directly from the PS3.

Original story:

Today, Sony will be releasing a photo and video editor for PS3 called PlayMemories Studio.

PlayMemories Studio will be released today on the PSN in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. The application will allow users to view, edit, and organize their photo and video content (with the ability to edit HD video content specifically being mentioned) on their PS3s. PlayMemories Studio will be accessible for users via Remote Play on PS Vita and PSP as well.

PlayMemories Studio features the ability to view the photo or video content on cameras, external hard drives and storage devices connected to a PS3 via USB without having to transfer the content over to the PS3 itself. Images on devices connected via USB can be searched and sorted by date or location as well.

Users will be able to edit their pictures by adding captions and scripts, in addition to editing videos by adding effects such as slow motion and frame-by-frame playback. Users can also share their content by uploading to Facebook or PlayMemories Online.

The application will be able to be found on PSN under the “Media & Apps” section of the PS Store for $15.00. The app will be available for free to subscribers of PlayStation Plus and consumers who have purchased new Sony cameras and camcorders (which applies to 2012 models and some 2011 models). Details will be available beginning on Thursday, March 29th at this link.

A thirty-day trial will be available for the application as well.

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