Gravity Rush Flies Off Shelves in Japan, Over 100,000 Units Shipped

Gravity Rush, the mesmerizingly gorgeous action title for the PlayStation Vita, has done quite well in Japan since it launched this February. As of right now, Sony has shipped over 100,000 units, making this game one of the Vita’s top sellers in Japan.

The title (known as Gravity Daze in Japan) won’t make its way to western gamers until this summer, but judging by how well it is currently doing in Japan, there’s reason to believe that it will find similar success when it reaches the rest of the gaming world.

According to a report from Andriasang, sales don’t appear to be slowing down, as Gravity Daze continues to move through retailers at a steady rate. Additionally, game director Keiichiro Toyama shared via Twitter that Gravity Daze has been doing well both at retail and through download, having now surpassed the 100,000 mark.

Will you be picking up Gravity Rush when it launches in June? Let us know what you think of the gorgeous Vita title in the comments below.