PSLS PS4 Fan Art Runners Up

The second PSLS Fan Art competition has come to a close, with more prizes than ever up for grabs. Later today, the top 5 entries will battle it out for the public vote, but here’s the entries that didn’t quite make it. Oh, and one of these guys randomly wins a prize just for entering.

LazyShady kicks off the list with a close runner up entry of a PS Orbis:

Daniel’s PS4 goes retro with wired controllers:

Anders Holm Lauritsen creates a informative diagram of his concept:

Chris Myers almost becomes a finalist with a realistic concept image:

NHD Mohammed has two concepts, including cool sounding wind technology:

Tiooonnn shows us a before and after drawing of an Orb-like PS4:

Sldfghtrike gets in-depth, with a very plausible diagram:

And JayAre Quezada rounds off the list with a spherical Orbis:

And the random winner of a special Sony prize is….. Chris Myers!