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Just Add Water Reviving 90s Oddworld Project Hand of Odd

Just Add Water, the developer currently at the helm of the eccentric Oddworld franchise, has just launched a brand-new site confirming the revitalization of a shelved 90s title from Oddworld Inhabitants dubbed Oddworld: Hand of Odd.

You can head over here and check out the site for yourself, but don’t expect much, as there isn’t a whole lot to see besides a giant logo. Oddworld: Hand of Odd was a project first started by Oddworld Inhabitants several years ago that never came to fruition. The original game was set to feature real-time strategy elements, but sadly it’s unlikely we’ll see it on any of the major consoles as JAW is currently “looking at” bringing to tablets and the PC.

In addition, JAW is also hard at work on HD remakes of Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath, both of which are set to release on the PS3 and PS Vita in the near future. As an added bonus for gamers that own both devices, cross-platform cloud saves will be supported.

The Oddworld games are some of the most unique and creative experiences you’ll find in gaming, so if you haven’t already gotten a chance to experience all that this series has to offer, you’re in for a real treat.