Analyst Expects Prototype 2 to See “Soft Performance”, Lucky to Sell 500,000 Copies During First Year in US

Analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen and Company doesn’t believe that Prototype 2 will perform all that well at retailers, saying that it’ll likely “struggle to reach 500,000 units” sold to US gamers in its first year.

The original Prototype did quite well sales-wise, with 900,000 units sold in the US during its first year. Creutz doesn’t believe that Activision will see the same level of success with the sequel however, citing the fact that the game has yet to crack the top 100 selling games charts on Amazon, which is “typically a bad sign for actual sales.”

The original game received a mixed from critics who didn’t like its unfinished feel, but praised the gameplay and brutal combat. Prototype was also ofter compared to Sucker Punch’s highly polished platformer inFamous, which launched around the same time.

We’ll know soon enough how well the game will actually do, as the Prototype sequel is set to launch next week on April 24th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. In the meantime, lets us know whether or not you plan on continuing the story of Alex Mercer in the comments below.