EA’s PS3 Exclusive FPS From Black Troll Studios May No Longer Be Exclusive

Last year, the internet was on fire with the news that publisher EA and mystery developer Black Troll Studios were working on an exclusive shooter for the PS3. Now, it looks like the game has become multiplatform.

Back in July, developer Rick Stalder put on his LinkedIn that he was working with Black Troll Studios since September 2010 as a contractor on an “Unannounced FPS title in development (PS3)”. The website blacktrollstudios.com was also found to be registered by EA, suggesting that the publisher owned the studio.

His LinkedIn was then updated to replace Black Troll Studios simply with “Confidential” after news of the game broke.

Since then, Stalder left his page as confidential, but we kept checking month in and month out. Now, his LinkedIn once again includes Black Troll Studios, but also shows it as multiplatform:

Interestingly, Stalder stopped working on the project last month, but it’s still listed as “in development”, which shows it is unlikely that the game is cancelled.

There’s always the chance that the game is shown as multiplatform to just confuse us and keep the exclusive a secret, but that seems rather improbable.

Are you sad that the game might no longer be an exclusive, or just happy it’s still in development? Share your thoughts in the comments below.