EA May be Working on a PS3 Exclusive First Person Shooter

LinkedIn might be a great tool for finding a job, or gaining a business connection, but it is also perfect at helping us root out which games are in development, long before an official announcement has been made. This time, a developer working for EA has let it slip that the publisher may be developing a PS3 only first person shooter.

Rick Stalder, who also works for 343 Industries, put on his LinkedIn that he has been working with Black Troll Studios since September 2010 as a contractor on an “Unannounced FPS title in development (PS3)”. His LinkedIn has since been updated to replace Black Troll Studios with “Confidential”. While Black Troll haven’t been officially revealed as a developer working for EA, the website blacktrollstudios.com is registered by the publisher, making it highly likely that the studio is indeed owned by EA.

The website was registered in November 2010, but the red webpage apparently only recently appeared, leading some to speculate that a reveal could be imminent. With gamescom this August, it is possible that the game could be shown at the trade show, but with EA focused on pushing Battlefield 3, it may be unlikely that the title will be revealed before their Modern Warfare-challenger is released.