DICE: “We are Focusing on Giving You 12-18 Months of Value for Battlefield 3”

Battlefield 3 developer DICE hopes to keep first-person shooter fans hooked on their latest title for quite some time, as studio CEO Patrick Bach recently stated that they plan to offer players “12-18 months of value.”

The first downloadable pack for Battlefield 3, Back to Karkand launched back in December, and their second wave of content, dubbed Close Quarters is set to arrive this June. Beyond that, the team still has another two substantial-sized packs set to arrive by year’s end.

Speaking to VG247, Bach pointed out that even though the future of BF3 is a bit cloudy – let’s not forget that Medal of Honor Warfighter will be arriving this fall in addition to another Call of Duty – the team plans to give the online experience the legs it deserves.

It’s really hard for me to make bets on how the market will look at Medal of Honor vs Battlefield vs other shooters. We at DICE, we only focus on Battlefield. We make sure that if you’re a Battlefield player, there should be plenty of Battlefield for you to spend your days on. And again, we are focusing on giving you 12-18 months of value for Battlefield 3 and the expansion packs we’re releasing.

So I can’t really say anything about the other tactics about releasing other games because we are DICE, we do Battlefield.

For future updates on additional content coming to Battlefield 3, keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle.