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Class of Heroes 2 Kickstarter Fails, Game Will be Download-Only

Monkey Paw has reached out to us to let us know that it still plans to release the game digitally, and that the Kickstarter was simply for a physical deluxe edition. This was an oversight on my part and for it, I the author take full responsibility. Expect further information in the “next couple weeks with more concrete details on the digital release of Class of Heroes 2 for PSN.”

Original Story:

GaijinWorks, a localization studio headed by Vic Ireland of Working Designs fame, teamed up with Monkey Paw Games to launch a Kickstarter project, hoping to crowdfund the localization of Japanese dungeon-crawling RPG Class of Heroes 2 for PSP. The 30-day time limit came and passed without even reaching 20 per cent of its funding goal.

The project certainly didn’t fail due to any lack of trying. As can still be seen on the project’s page, updates were made several times offering more reward tiers, showing screenshots of the game, and putting together a gameplay video. Said reward tiers were already offering quite generous kickbacks, with donations of $59 netting one a delux boxed set of the game, a commemorative pin, and a limited edition poster. That’s basically getting all your money back in swag. Monkey Paw and Gaijinworks obviously weren’t skimping on the rewards.

Alas, it has now become apparent why Atlus USA (stateside publisher of the first PSP entry) passed up this second game in the Class of Heroes series. The first CoH game made it stateside only to be met with less-than-satisfactory sales, and this project’s death proves that the series truly can’t get the same amount of support in North America that it can in Japan.