Saints Row: The Third Steelport Gangs Pack DLC Available Today

May 2, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Volition has announced that new downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third will be available today.

The DLC is called “The Steelport Gangs Pack” and contains gang outfits for player characters, including the Morningstar Soldiers, the Luchador Specialists, and the cyberpunk-style gang, the Deckers. Six total outfits will be available in the pack. The content will be available on PS3 (via PSN), Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live), OnLive, and Steam (PC) for $2.99 or 240 Microsoft Points. Volition has released a trailer that shows the costumes in the pack in action, which can be seen below.

The availability schedule for the DLC follows:

  • Xbox 360: 4AM CST, Tuesday
  • Steam: Noon CST, Tuesday
  • OnLive: 6PM CST, Tuesday
  • PSN: 6PM CST, Wednesday

To view the trailer for The Steelport Gangs Pack, click on the video below:

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