Derrick The Deathfin Coming To PSN For PS3 This Summer, Developer Comments On Possibility Of Vita Version

May 7, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Different Tuna has announced that Derrick The Deathfin is coming to PSN for PS3 this summer.

On the PS Blog, Different Tuna’s Gordon Midwood announced the papercraft digital title is coming to PSN for PS3 this summer. Midwood describes Derrick‘s gameplay as possibly being described as “the illegitimate lovechild of Ecco The Dolphin and Sonic The Hedgehog” with maybe some Joe Danger influence included as well.

Derrick is a shark whose parents were brutally turned into soup and now he’s causing all kinds of damage on a worldwide rampage to make himself feel better. Gameplay-wise, Derrick will collect diamonds, jump through burning tires in the sky, as well as move, jump, groove, race, and participate in puzzles. Derrick must also constantly eat, as he’s battling his metabolism throughout the game. He will travel through 32 levels across eleven environments and four continents.

When asked if the game was coming to PlayStation Vita, Midwood replied:

Thanks @supermoc10 & @ Tremulan777, glad you approve!

Our focus is on making the PSN release as sexy as possible at the moment but nobody knows what will happen in the future. Apart from maybe Nostradamus, but he failed to predict Derrick so can be safely disregarded.

Enthusiasm for Vita release duly noted!

To view the teaser trailer for Derrick The Deathfin, click on the video below:

To view screenshots of the game, click on the Media Gallery below:

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