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PSP Games Being Pulled From 25% of GameStop Stores

May 11, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

We knew this day was coming. With the recent arrival of the PlayStation Vita, retailers are finally beginning to lay the PlayStation Portable to rest. As such, video game mega-retailer GameStop has announced that they will be pulling PSP games from a quarter of their stores.

This news comes from a GameStop representative who told Kotaku that PSP support will be removed from the smaller retail stores in order to make room for additional content.

The consolidation is occurring to maximize the merchandising space in the smallest 25% of stores. It will also provide a greater assortment in those stores that will continue to carry the category.

Don’t worry, the remaining 75% that comprise the chain’s larger stores as well as GameStop’s online store will still include software for the platform. Keep in mind though that this is likely a sign of things to come, so don’t expect to see PSP games supported for very much longer. I suggest you get the games you want now, while you still can.