Ubisoft Registers “Face Your Insanity” Domain

It looks like something related to Far Cry 3 is on the not too distant horizon, as Ubisoft has registered the domain faceyourinsanity.com.

Thanks to a spotting by Fusible, we are left speculating what this domain registration could possibly be for. Those that have been following Ubisoft’s upcoming shooter closely will instantly recognize the “Face Your Insanity” tagline. A few months back, the alleged subtitle popped up on a survey for Far Cry 3 along with a couple of possible box art images.

There’s no doubt that mental instability will play a huge role in the game, as the game’s main villain is a raging lunatic (see debut trailer here). Let’s also not forget about Dr. Earnhardt, a “pharmacist” who is responsible for concocting all sorts of crazy drugs that will be at the players disposal.

Expect to hear more about Far Cry 3 early next month as PSLS will be on location in LA to provide you with all the juicy details from E3.