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Hitman Absolution Pre-E3 Trailer Features Heavily Armed Nuns

Square Enix teased us yesterday with an image full of weaponized women, and today, the trailer that accompanies that Hitman Absolution tease has been unveiled.

This pre-E3 trailer, dubbed “Attack of the Saints” pits Agent 47 against an onslaught of lethal nuns. That’s right, I said nuns. Check out the disturbingly brutal video for yourself below.

It’s clear from the trailer that Agent 47 will have quite the intimidating lineup of foes to contend with, as this group of killers disguised as nuns ambush him at a motel in the pouring rain. Visual Works, the studio behind other gorgeous trailers like the jaw dropping Tomb Raider and Deus Ex CG videos has once again outdone itself.

Expect to hear loads more about Hitman Absolution next week at E3, as Square Enix is sure to be showing off Agent 47’s latest adventure in a big way at the show. The game is set to hit store shelves this November.