Hitman 3’s March Roadmap Adds an Easter Egg Hunt, Featured Contracts, and Moral Ambiguity

Hitman 3‘s post-release content schedule began last month with Escalations, Featured Contracts, and the game’s first Elusive Target. This content continues to appear throughout March for all players, this time bringing a month of Moral Ambiguity. There’s an Easter egg hunt, new featured contracts, and an Escalation set on maps from the latest title, while this month’s Elusive Target will appear on a map imported from Hitman 2.

March’s content kicks off today with an Escalation on the Berlin map. The Lesley Celebration sends Agent 47 onto the dancefloor while dressed in his most fetching club attire. There will also be two more sets of Featured Contracts throughout the month, one from EasyAllies and the other from Eurogamer. The first of these begins on March 11 in Chongqing. Two weeks later on March 25, Eurogamer’s contracts begin on Mendoza. Details on all of these are scarce, but you can always see what hints you can pick up from the roadmap trailer below:

Hitman 3 March Roadmap

On March 19, the game’s second Elusive Target will make an appearance. The Stowaway will be hanging around on the Isle of Sgàil. Players still have very little help from their HUD or Agent 47’s instinct, instead having to use clues from the briefing video to find the target. Players can restart the contract as many times as they like as long as they haven’t started taking out the targets. Once just a single target is eliminated, players have just that one chance to complete all objectives and escape. The contract will only be available until March 29, so you don’t have long to come up with a plan of action.

The most exciting date on the calendar is March 30th. This is when the Berlin Egg Hunt begins. Club Hölle has been transformed for this seasonal event with new decorations, graffiti, and items, but it’s so popular that the club’s full when Agent 47 arrives. He’ll have to sneak in to find the eggs dotted around the location, each of which holds a different type of poison. Following the White Rabbit will lead him to the unique targets in the “less-explored surrounding areas”. Completing the event will unlock the Raver Outfit, but you’ll only have until April 12 to do so. More details on this event are promised for later this month.

March 30th is also the date the game’s monthly update will show up, as well as the final Deluxe Escalation for owners of the Deluxe Edition. The Satu Mare Delirium is inspired by Agent 47’s very first escape in Codename 47, and will see Agent 47 don a Straitjacket outfit while he’s being held captive. Stay away from the cymbal monkeys as getting too close will draw unwanted attention. Players will also be able to earn the Taunton Dart Gun and the Straitjacket Belt for completing the Escalation set on the Berlin map.

[Source: IO Interactive]