Rumor: Sony Unveiling “Storyteller” eBook Plan at E3

It appears that Sony may be looking to bring the eBook market to their gaming devices, as rumors regarding a PlayStation-based eBook plan called “Storyteller” have just surfaced.

According to a report from MCV, Sony is planning to announce this new service at E3, which will allegedly allow users to view interactive documents and books on their PlayStation 3. Support for the Vita is apparently still in question, but honestly, I can’t image why anyone would want to read a book on that 5 inch screen anyway.

The source also believes that there will be a major emphasis on children’s content, which is a bit perplexing considering the general focus that Sony has toward a more mature audience.

As one would suspect, “Storyteller” will have its own dedicated section in the PlayStation Store. Mind you, since Sony has refused to comment on this report, we’ll need to treat this as nothing more than a rumor for the time being.

What do you think about the possibility of having built-in eReader functionality in your PlayStation 3 and/or PS Vita? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.