PSN Troubles Return, Error 8071053D and NP-2239-6 Stopping Logins

You know what was really fun last weekend? Fretting about random PSN downtime of course! Luckily, it’s back.

Yes, the PSN has been experiencing outages, downtimes and error codes (8071053D on PS3s and error NP-2239-6 on Vitas) over the past couple of hours, despite no maintenance being planned. If you were logged in the whole time, you might be lucky and have no problems, so don’t log out.

The official European PlayStation Twitter account said:

PSN services are beginning to restore. However account management functions are still unavailable as we continue to reinstate full service.

However, a lot of people are still unable to log in or get onto the PlayStation Store, including us. As the same thing happened on Saturday, it’s probably not a hack or Anonymous moaning about something, but we’ll keep you updated.