EA: Depending on Just Existing Franchises a Costly Mistake

July 2, 2012Written by Zak Islam

EA believes relying on just established brands would a “costly” and “short-lived” mistake for publishers.

Head of EA Games, Patrick Soderlund, told USA Today that the publisher is investing in new IPs consumers will see in the future. That said, despite releasing an annual installment for franchises such as Need for Speed (the series has sold over 100 million copies), EA believes there’s still “creative juices” stemming from such properties.

As game makers, we have to continuously work and launch new intellectual properties into the market. If we think we can live off of our existing brands and that only, I think it will not only be costly, but a short-lived mistake.

I still think there’s a lot of creative juice in brands like Battlefield and Need For Speed and a bunch of our franchises, but I also do think there’s a lot of room for new intellectual properties. We are investing in that today, and you will see new IPs from EA and the Games label in the future.

In the same interview, Soderlund confirmed 800,000 subscribers have signed up for Battlefield 3‘s Premium service.