Famitsu Leak Points to Upcoming Yakuza HD Collection Announcement

July 17, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Sega is teasing an announcement regarding the Yakuza franchise and will be revealing the big news this Thursday; however, it looks like the latest issue of Famitsu has spoiled the surprise a bit early.

According to a report from Andriasang, the announcement is related to a high definition collection of the first two Yakuza games. The collection is believed to be slated for launch this November. In addition, the game will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 – and considering the fact that the two original games were PS2 titles, it makes sense.

Both the third and fourth installments in the Yakuza franchise launched on the PS3 and the fifth installment is currently in the works for the platform as well. We don’t know anything else about the upcoming collection, but since Sega is set to make the official announcement in just two days, you can be sure we’ll have more info for you then.