Journey Collector’s Edition’s Bonus Minigame ‘Gravediggers’ Detailed

Set to release next month in the US, the Journey: Collector’s Edition won’t just include thatgamecompany’s three PSN games, but also a bunch of exclusive content and some new minigames such a Gravediggers.

The disc will include 3 minigames that were created in a 24-hour game jam at the studio. Gravediggers is one of the games, where you play as a grave digger armed with a gun for killing zombies. You then must take the zombie head and put it into two crypts, while racing five other local players to be the first to bury 50 heads wins. You can also bury your opponents for more points, but if you die and lose your head, you will come back as a zombie and have to try to get your head back. The idea sounds intriguing, although it’s interesting to see that thatgamecompany is releasing a shooter in the zombie genre when all their full games strive to be so different. To see the game in action, check out the vid below:

Unfortunately it seems like the 3 games will only be available on the retail disc, meaning that fans of the developer who actually supported them through digital downloads will be left out unless they buy the entire package again just for 3 small games. Also, if you live in Europe, you’ll be forced to import as Sony decided against releasing the game in Europe (thanks guys).

Are you happy to be able to play some new TGC games, or annoyed that it’s not on PSN or out in Europe? Share your thoughts in the comments below.