Devil’s Third Finds Publisher Following THQ Dropping IP

Following THQ’s decision to drop the Devil’s Third IP and return all its rights back to developer Valhalla, Itagaki’s studio has found a publisher to release the title.

A joint-venture between Valhalla Game Studios and Korean developer Doobic Game Studios, who is best known for the Combat Arms series, will now see Valhalla & Doobic Co., Ltd. publishing the forthcoming third-person shooter. Due to the partnership, Devil’s Third will now launch on PC and tablets, in addition to the already-existent PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.

THQ dropping Devil’s Third back in May was due to the reason that it didn’t “fit” the financially-troubled publisher’s “profile”. The game was also unlikely to make a profit.

Devil’s Third‘s development budget has already exceeded three billion yen (around $3.82 million) since the title began its production stages during 2009. Tomonobu Itagaki, who created the Dead or Alive franchise, as well as heading the Ninja Gaiden series, is overseeing the development of the game.