Rockstar Announces Free Disorganized Crime Pack For Max Payne 3, Details Remaining DLC Release Schedule, & More

New details have been revealed about the DLC release plans for Max Payne 3.

First, Rockstar announced that the Disorganized Crime Pack will release this August for free. The pack includes the Hoboken Rooftops multiplayer map (which takes place on the streets surrounding Max’s old apartment) and new modifiers for Score Attack in the game’s Arcade mode, which include: Explosive Rounds (which causes all of the player’s bullets detonate on impact), Lone Wolf A.I. (which increases enemy aggression), and Headshots Only (which makes enemies only able to be killed via headshots).

As for the the content from the five remaining DLC packs, it’s now been consolidated into three larger packs. The content from the New York Minute Co-Op Pack and Trickle Down Economics Map Pack has been spread out, with the co-op content from the New York Minute Pack now scheduled to release as part of the Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack.

The remaining packs to be released after the Disorganized Crime Pack are: the Hostage Negotiation Pack (scheduled to release in September), the Painful Memories Map Pack and the Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack (both of which are scheduled to release sometime in October). All three packs will be priced at $9.99 each on PSN and PC or 800 Microsoft Points.

Finally, the Special Edition Pack will be made available today in North America for $1.99 on PSN or 160 Microsoft Points, with a European PSN release coming on Wednesday. The pack includes the Classic Multiplayer Character Pack (which has fan favorite characters for use in multiplayer that include Mona Sax, Vladimir Lem, and Max as he appeared in Max Payne 2) and the Disorderly Conduct Multiplayer Weapons Pack (which consists of the Hammerhead Auto Shotgun, G9 Grenade Launcher and Molotov Cocktail projectile weapon). The pack’s content was previously only available via the game’s special edition.

The Rockstar Pass for Max Payne 3 is still available for $29.99 on PSN and PC or 2400 Microsoft Points. Are there any MP3 owners out there who are more interested in buying one after reading about the new DLC release plans?