Take-Two Gives Agent Non-Comment: “We Haven’t Announced Anything About That Title”

July 31, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

Another year, another non-comment about Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive Agent.

Allegedly in development since 2007, and announced in 2009 as just a title and a logo, Agent has never officially been canceled despite the long period of silence surrounding the title. At this year’s E3, SCEA’s Jack Tretton said that people should ask Rockstar about the game, and refused to elaborate on whether it was in development or still a PS3 exclusive. Naturally, we did ask Rockstar who also refused to comment.

Today, during publisher Take-Two’s investor call, the question of Agent once again came up. Instead of finally coming clean and admitting it was cancelled/never really in full development, or saying something positive about the game, they said:

We haven’t announced anything about that title.

It’s pretty likely that the game has been scrapped, and it’s becoming increasingly infuriating to hear Sony, Take-Two and Rockstar dodging the question again and again.

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