New Twitter Account For GTA: San Andreas Religious Cult Emerges, Is It Marketing For Grand Theft Auto V?

A new Twitter account has emerged for a religious cult in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Is it marketing for GTA V?

The Twitter account is for the Epsilon Program, which was Rockstar’s parody of Scientology and other cult-like ‘religions’ in the popular open-world title. The first post on the account is dated just a few days ago, on July 25th. The account, which has been linked to on Rockstar’s “official” site for Epsilon, has fueled speculation that the account is part of some kind of marketing promotion for Grand Theft Auto V, although the main site dates back to San Andreas.

Yesterday, GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive mentioned GTA V during a financial call, saying that the game is “in full development and showing substantial progress.” They didn’t, however, mention a possible release date or time frame for the game.

Take-Two was reported to have registered some unique domain names last year, which sounded like the names of businesses from GTA games and were rumored to be related to GTA V in some way.

If there are any updates about Grand Theft Auto V, PSLS will be sure to keep you posted.