Rumor: Screenshot of Prince of Persia Reboot Leaked, Looks Next-Gen

The Prince of Persia franchise appears to be alive and well over at Ubisoft – that is, if an allegedly leaked image proves to be authentic.

The image first popped up on the publisher’s official forum, and features a dark-skinned protagonist set in what appears to be Egypt. The image is labeled “Pop Zero 2” which would lead one to reasonably conclude this is in reference to a “Prince of Persia Zero“.

I don’t know about you, but the level of detail on that roof definitely impressed me (even if everyone is floating). Could this be yet another glimpse at the power of the next generation? It is also worth noting that the image above seems to fit nicely with “leaked” images for a new Prince of Persia that were posted on NeoGAF just before E3.

Does the idea of a Prince of Persia reboot have you excited? Let us know what you think of the supposed leak in the comments below.