Ubisoft Triple Pack Featuring Beyond Good & Evil HD Hitting Stores Next Month for Xbox, PlayStation Version Uncertain

Ubisoft has confirmed that their triple pack including Beyond Good & Evil, Dust, and Outland will be arriving for Xbox gamers this September. Oddly enough, the bundle was believed to be coming to both the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in March, but for whatever reason didn’t make it to retail at that time.

While only the Xbox 360 version is mentioned for release next month, it is hard to imagine Ubisoft failing to bring it to the PlayStation 3 as well. After all, let’s not forget how other HD compilations like the Prince of Persia Trilogy came exclusively to Sony’s console.

With many gamers still apprehensive about purchasing digital content, this triple pack will be a great way to get Beyond Good & Evil out to a much larger audience. And with all the news and rumors around a sequel to Jade’s story being in the works, one would think Ubi would want as many people exposed to the franchise as possible. Oh yeah, and those other two titles aren’t so bad either.

Ubisoft, please don’t leave the PlayStation crowd out!