Yager Discusses Mistakes With Spec Ops, Next Big Project in the Works

Jorg Friedrich, the lead designer behind the third-person military shooter Spec Ops: The Line has spoken about what’s next for the studio, confirming that a new, major title is currently underway at Yager.

Friedrich shared the news with Joystiq at GDC Europe, but didn’t get into any specifics. However, there’s a good chance that it won’t be another Spec Ops game, especially when considering how underwhelming it did sales-wise. The game designer briefly touched upon the lackluster sales of Spec Ops: The Line, saying, “To be honest, it doesn’t look too great.”

During the conference, Friedrich hosted a talk on moral choice within narrative-heavy games and the impact it can have on the player if done properly.

Unfortunately, Spec Ops: The Line fell short in this area, he admitted, noting that the inclusion of morality-based achievements/trophies took away from the impact of the experience. “I really regret that we had achievements on moral choices,” he confessed.