Beyond: Two Souls’ Script is Massive, Four Times Longer Than the Average Movie

According to Quantic Dream head David Cage, the script for Beyond: Two Souls is incredibly ambitious, dwarfing that of an average movie.

With a whopping 2,000 page long script, the actors had one heck of challenge in memorizing all their lines and delivering a believable performance. “Our actors all had to learn their lines and deliver them from memory. Ellen had hundreds of pages, worth about three or four movies,” Cage explained at gamescom.

Cage also spoke to the benefit of using performance capture versus just motion capture, as it allows for a much more cohesive and authentic representation of each character as he/she delivers their lines. “We gained another dimension in the actor’s performance as we used full performance capture to record body language. If you look at me as I say this, you can see how I’m saying it. You lose that in motion capture.”

The developer then went on to address the meaning behind his game, emphasizing the fact that it’s not merely about what is happening on the surface, but the deeper emotional journeys that the characters go on. “This game is not about paranormal events. It’s about relationships, growing, and about how the different moments in your life define who you are. It’s about death, about something that will happen to all of you here one day. It’s about emotions people feel, how they think, how they act and how they fear death – about what lies beyond on the other side,” he concluded.

Beyond: Two Souls is set to launch sometime early next year.