PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Developer Responds to Dante Criticism

SuperBot Entertainment has acknowledged that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fans are disappointed with the inclusion of Dante from the reboot (as opposed to the older, less “emo” version of the character), but has urged doubters to play with him first.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, community manager Daniel Maniago stated:

We understand that different people have their own favorite version of Dante. However, once players sit down and try him out they will realize that he’s simply a blast to play!

He also revealed more details about the Dante’s combat:

Dante is one of the more technical characters in the game and uses a special cancel system to perform combos. Players can alter their attack string mid-combo depending on the situation; for example, you can cancel into a parry to stop an incoming attack, dash out of the way of harm, or transition into a powerful ender for maximum AP gain. You won’t be disappointed when you try him out!

What SuperBot can’t say, of course, is that Capcom almost definitely was behind the decision and, as the owner of the brand, could make the final choice on what the character will look like.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is due for a delayed release on November 20th, 2012.