Producer on FFXIV Aims to Regain the Trust of Fans, Will Require “Long-Term” Effort

The PC launch of Final Fantasy XIV was nothing short of disastrous. Square Enix hopes to revitalize the game with its v2.0 update – dubbed A Realm Reborn – that will enhance the experience and bring it to the PlayStation 3.

Producer Naoki Yoshida acknowledged the shortcomings of the game’s initial launch and believes that gaining players’ trust will be no easy task, but that isn’t stopping the studio from putting their best foot forward. Speaking to Eurogamer, Yoshida explained:

Losing your fans’ trust is very easy thing to do. Regaining it is very hard. We believe Final Fantasy 14 is a starting point, and that players joining us will think ‘oh wow, this is great, I’ll see what they can do with Final Fantasy 15 or 16′.

Over a long time we’ll try and regain their trust, but it is something we as a company must put effort into, long-term. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to try to get people’s trust back with this one game.

Has Square Enix completely lost your trust, or are you keeping an open mind towards Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Sound off in the comments below.