Atlus Goes for Gold, Announces Persona 4 Vita Special Edition Bundle

Atlus USA, ever a group to really deck out its most anticipated releases, isn’t holding back with Persona 4: The Golden for the PlayStation Vita. 

The company will be bundling the game with some extra goodies and launching it alongside the standard edition this fall. Included in the bundle are a Hori hard case, a protective skin, a Hori face cover, and stickers featuring character artwork.  Dig the goods here:

Persona 4: The Golden
can be ordered from the game’s official website. This special bundle, which Atlus USA is calling the “Solid Gold Premium Edition” will sell for $69.99 USD. The regular edition, which I guess we’ll call the “Still Golden But With Marginally Less Premiumness” version will sell for $39.99.  PlayStation LifeStyle will let you know of any news regarding a specific release date as soon as one is announced.