Square Enix Launches New FFXIII Twitter Account “Lightning Room”

This Friday marks the 25th anniversary celebration of the Final Fantasy franchise and with it comes a big reveal regarding the next chapter in the story of FFXIII‘s protagonist Lightning. To gear up for the unveiling later this week, Square Enix has launched a Twitter account for the occasion, titled “Lightning Room.”

While the posts are in Japanese, the background text is in English, which reads: “Presentation for New Direction no Lightning Saga”. According to Gematsu, the first tweet simply explains that the account is tied to the upcoming event, and will provide updates during the celebration.

What do you think Square plans to reveal? Will it just be the long rumored Final Fantasy XIII-3 or something entirely different for Lightning and the gang?  Be sure to sound off in the comments below as we gear up for this weekend’s festivities. Honestly, between this and the Metal Gear anniversary, who needs PAX?