New Entry in the Final Fantasy XIII Series Only Recently Started

While Final Fantasy fans have been patiently waiting since 2006 for Tetsuya Nomura’s spin-off Versus XIII, both Final Fantasy XIII and its direct sequel have been released. Now, with Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary event set to kick off exactly one month from now, we’re about to get wind of yet another installment in the FFXIII series, which is allegedly still in the early stages of production.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, producer Yoshinori Kitase shared that the next chapter in FFXIII that Square plans to reveal on September 1st’s event has only recently been started. Bearing this in mind, it sure sounds like he’s talking about a part three to Lightning’s story, ruling out the hope that we’ll hear more about Versus XIII.

This new game is set to be announced during the “Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga: New Developments Presentation,” so be sure to check back here in four weeks time for more information on the upcoming title. And as for all of you waiting in the wings for Versus XIII, don’t lose hope, as the game was recently confirmed not be canceled and is apparently coming along quite nicely.

One can only hope.