LucasArts Files Trademarks and Domains for Star Wars: First Assault

Star Wars fans eager for gaming more content will be pleased to hear that LucasArts has filed trademarks and registered domains for a piece of “interactive entertainment software” called Star Wars: First Assault.

The fillings (first spotted by Fusible) cover not only the alleged game, but also a host of other bits of merchandising, including pencil sharpeners and sticker books. It’s interesting to note that this is the same way that Star Wars 1313 was discovered just a few months ago, just ahead of its big E3 reveal.

So the question now on everyone’s mind is what this game could possibly be. We know a proper third installment to the Battlefront series was shelved several months back, but besides that, the only Star Wars games that have been recently released are BioWare’s PC MMO and the motion-based Star Wars title for Kinect.

Oh, please don’t let First Assault just be another ridiculous motion-controlled game!