Physical Version of TellTale’s The Walking Dead Outed by Retailers

Wish you could play TellTale Games’ awesome The Walking Dead episodic game, but don’t have the bandwidth to download it, the space on your hard drive, or trust digital games? Good news, it looks like TWD is heading to retail.

Spotted by TrendyGamers, retail versions of the PSN and XBL have popped up on GameStop and Amazon Canada.

Priced at $29.99 and CDN$39.99, it’s likely that the game will be cheaper than the average new release. While GameStop only has a vague November placeholder, Amazon lists the game as releasing on October 23rd, which would make sense considering the TV show returns on October 16th and is better than free advertising. Amazon also lists Ubisoft as the publisher as digital only TellTale would have trouble bringing a game to retail all on their own.