Remote Play Updates for ICO and God of War Collections Available Today

Sony has been talking up Remote Play for quite some time now, and they’re finally delivering on the feature’s promise. Starting today, PlayStation owners with both a PS3 and Vita will be able to take advantage of Remote Play for the God of War Collection as well as the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection.

The news was announced earlier today on the PlayStation Blog, and according to SCEA’s  Don Mesa, later today the update will be made available.

To take advantage of the Vita’s unique control features, both collections will allow players to customize the game’s controls, allowing them to map the L2 and R2 buttons to the rear touch panel. In addition, these PS2 Classics really benefit from the Vita’s OLED display, making for a brighter and crisper game experience.

Unfortunately however, there are a lot of things a player must own in order to take advantage of these features. Not only is both the PS3 and Vita required, but also the collections. And it goes without saying that players will need access to wifi in order to access these games on their Vita.

Will you be taking advantage of this new functionality? Let us know in the comments below.