Behind The Scenes PaRappa Voice-Work Outs The Rapper’s Battle Royale Rival

Yesterday we shared some of the first PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale story details we were able to wrangle from an interview, and today PaRappa’s voice actor “Dred Foxx” has given us a behind the scenes look at his beautiful mug as he voices the good-will spreading, hip-hop rapping dog PaRappa.


Each video isn’t exactly substantial and the first one above doesn’t allude to the story in nearly as significant of a way as the last two, but, regardless, enjoy hearing the many vocal variations of: “Yeah! and I can’t wait to show off my new style

In the second video it becomes obvious that PaRappa is speaking candidly with Spike, which tells us that they have a cutscene together. This implies that they’re rivals because otherwise All-Stars would have to have a lot more cutscenes than we previously thought (which was already a massive amount)

In the third, and final, video PaRappa tries to get Spike to stop harassing the Ape Escape apes.

It’s interesting to see how cheeky and lighthearted cutscenes can be in PlayStation All-Stars, what funny character combinations would you like to see?