Bethesda Comments on Skyrim DLC Delay for PS3, “It’s Our Problem, and it’s on us to Solve it”

Both Dawnguard and Hearthfire are available for Skyrim fans who’ve played the game on Xbox 360 or Steam, but what about the PlayStation crowd? As the weeks roll by with no news on the progress of either of the DLC packs for Sony’s platform, our hope for the content continues to dwindle.

Pete Hines, the VP of PR and marketing at Bethesda provided a sort of non-update on Hearthfire and Dawnguard’s status just a few hours ago on Twitter, saying:

We’re still on it. Will share update when I have one.

The performance isn’t good enough in all cases. For most folks, it’d be fine. For some, it wouldn’t be.

Of course, it makes sense for them to hold it back until it’s running smoothly, especially in light of the fact that Skyrim was super buggy — and still is to some degree — when it launched for PS3.

Unfortunately, comments from the tirade of angry PS3 users continue to flood Hines’ Twitter, accusing Bethesda of blaming the issue on Sony and the PlayStation platform. To that he replied, “We’ve never blamed anyone or anything. It’s our problem, and it’s on us to solve it.”

Will we ever see the Skyrim DLC come to the PlayStation 3 version? I’m guessing no, but let us know what you think in the comments below.